Vol 5-2 Review Article

Recent Advances in Development of New Technology in Pre and Intra Operative Breast Cancer Diagnoses

Justina A Ugwah1,4, Martin O’Sullivan2, Brian O’Donnell3, Eric J. Moore1,4*

1Life Sciences Interface, Tynadall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland

2Department of Surgery, Cork University Hospital, Cork

3Department of Anaesthesia, Cork University Hospital, Cork

4School of Chemistry, University College Cork

Breast cancer is the second most occurring malignant disease in women. 1 in 9 women will be affected by this disease in their lifetime. The gold standard for breast cancer screening is the mammographic technique, which has its limitations especially for women aged below 40 as a result of breast density. Ongoing research are exploring techniques that can improve detection accuracy as well as reduce time and money spent in advanced stage treatment options. This review paper highlights the different technologies that have been developed for breast cancer diagnoses.

DOI: 10.29245/2578-2967/2021/2.1194 View / Download Pdf